The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) presents an annual award to the best publication worldwide in the field of solid waste management. The 2013 ISWA Publication Award was announced today and was won by Dr Costas Velis, Professor David C. Wilson et al. for their paper: An analytical framework and tool (‘InteRa’) for integrating the informal recycling sector in waste and resource management systems in developing countries. The online citation stated that: ‘The (judging) panel believes that this paper addresses an important area of waste management in developing countries, i.e. the informal recycling sector; and that it offers a practical framework for designing successful initiatives to integrate the informal sector into formal waste management systems.’ The award will be presented at the ISWA 2013 World Congress in Vienna in October.

More background to this work and information of the framework proposed is available; while the paper itself is open-access. Professor David C Wilson is the Scientific Co-ordinator of the ISWA Task Force on Waste and Globalisation and Dr Costas Velis of the University of Leeds is a member; together they led the Task Force’s work stream on the informal recycling sector. The other co-authors of the winning paper are Ondina Rocca, Prof Stephen R Smith, and Prof Chris R Cheeseman of Imperial College and Antonis Mavropoulos of D-Waste Hellas. 

This is the third time that DCW has won the prestigious ISWA Publication Award. He won the 2010 award for the UN-Habitat publication Solid Waste Management in the World’s Cities; and the 2003 award for the2003 award for the ISWA-UNEP-Basel Convention Training Resource Pack for Hazardous Waste Management in Developing Economies.