Prof David C Wilson chairs CIWM workshop

DCW chaired a workshop in London on 19 May 2008, Towards certainty in the use of organic MBT outputs. Mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) is expanding rapidly as a treatment method for residual municipal wastes in the UK, as local authorities rise to the challenge of meeting their targets for diversion from landfill: one output is an organic, ‘compost-like output’ which could potentially be used as a soli-improver. The Environment Agency have recently stated that MBT organic outputs will not be permitted for application to land where food crops may be grown, and invited the MBT industry to come forward with the evidence to support its application to land for non-food uses. This workshop brought the various stakeholders together to discuss alternative outlets for MBT organic outputs , and to discuss how to take up the challenge presented by the EA.