Open Meeting to disseminate results from the CIWM-Defra Masters Support Programme

The London & Southern Counties Centre of CIWM hosted an Open Meeting on Progressing the Recycling & Reuse Agenda, at Imperial College, London on Wednesday 7th January 2009. The Open Meeting was built around five papers selected from the CIWM-Defra Masters support programme, showcasing the work of young professionals coming into the waste and resources sector. 

The five papers in the Open meeting all present evidence relevant to policy making on recycling and reuse. They were chosen from 13 student projects funded by the CIWM-Defra Masters support programme in 2008, and 15 funded in 2007. An afternoon workshop introduced the 2009 programme, for proposals are due later in January. The programme is co-funded by Defra’s Waste and Resources Evidence Programme and CIWM, and administered by CIWM, and is aimed primarily to build research capacity and to bring new professionals into the waste and resources sector. Professor David C Wilson co-ordinates the programme on behalf of Defra and CIWM.
Two of the papers report on case studies looking at the stimulation of recycling among SMEs. One presents evidence from across Europe on the interface between producer responsibility and local authority responsibility for wastes, and draws potential lessons for the UK. Another compares the lifecycle impacts of rechargeable versus disposable consumer (AA) batteries.  By way of contrast, the final paper looks at the social implications of ship breaking in Bangladesh.